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About Us - Silver Fox Clay Pigeon Traps

Graham at Silver Fox Clay Pigeon Traps


Graham began his career in England designing (alongside Ray Farey) the first automatic range of Farey Clay Pigeon Traps.

He continued to apply his skills there for a period of 15 years after which, for a short while, he was the designer of the original Parker D.T.L, A.B.T. & Sporter Clay Pigeon Traps before moving to America, where he spent 9 successful years designing automatic clay pigeon traps for two companies in the U.S.A. (Parker Boss & G.P.Traps).

Graham is now back in the U.K. (based in Galloway, south west Scotland) and, assisted by his wife Janet, is running his own company; "SILVER FOX CLAY TRAPS" producing his elite, top quality range of automatic clay pigeon traps called "SILVER FOX"